Monday, March 22, 2010

The real March Madness is Chicago weather!

A recap of the last 4 days in Chicago weather...
Thursday: High of 67 and pretty clear, BEAUTIFUL's a pic from the lake:

Friday: High of 55 and clear, another great day

Saturday: High of 37 and snowing...ridiculous.

Sunday: High of 46 and windy

For all of the Excel geeks out there, it's like the high is a RANDBETWEEN(35,70) function.

Anyway, I promised some basketball talk. For a little background, From 2002-2008 I ran basketball events in Lexington, KY. I ran all of the AAU state tournaments, a middle school state tournament, and some national events. It was a great experience learning about event management, and set me up to have a really interesting career switch MBA story. It's also a bonus with recruiters who are basketball fans! But, most importantly, it means I love the NCAA tournament opening weekend. So, why not shoehorn that into my blog?

First of all, I am a Kentucky basketball fan. Needless to say, this year has been pretty awesome. While Indiana may be what I consider the best MBA university in the country, the basketball team has been a little down the last 2 years. It's nice being able to pencil your favorite team in as the NCAA champ and have a good shot. Being in Chicago visiting my girlfriend, I have had a lot of free time during the day while she's at work. Thursday I went to Harry Caray's Tavern by Wrigley to watch some first round games. This was one of the absolute best 1st days of a tournament ever...I plowed through buffalo chicken strips, a bison burger, fries, and a couple beers while watching close game after close game. The 2nd year MBA student life is just great! Kentucky rolled over their 16-seed sacrificial lamb, I nailed some upset picks (Murray State, Washington) and it was a good day. My girlfriend, in her first ever bracket, even nailed Ohio over Georgetown!

By Friday, my girlfriend, who previously had no interest in basketball, was dying to watch games. She wanted updates on all the games, particularly Saint Mary's...she picked them for the Final 4 (not so crazy now!) When we took the train down to Indiana Saturday, we had to eat at a place with the games on, and I had my iPhone score updates the whole time. (Sorry to her, but no way was I leaving that cute story out of my MBA program blog) Kentucky rolled over Wake Forest, despite my roommates ganging up and cheering for Wake (sorry, Dreyer). I am still dumbfounded by Kansas choking...that school has had some bad ones. (Sorry, Trevor) When the weekend cleared, I was in the familiar spot at the top of my bracket pool. For everyone who reads an MBA blog but really wants to know about basketball, not MBA finance students, here are my thoughts on the tournament:

-No way should more teams be in...there are too many marginal teams as it is
-Kentucky and Syracuse have very few holes
-Syracuse will destroy whoever comes out of the Midwest bracket
-How did Washington stink so much this year? I loved them before the season and now
-Evan Turner sure has some "hog-the-ball" moments for a PG...if Georgia Tech had an offense they would have won

Alright, that's it for me. Back to Bloomington tonight, and back to classes tomorrow!

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