Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Spring Break in Europe!

As I recover from jet lag, I wanted to make sure that I share my spring break travels as I had the opportunity to visit my fellow classmates at the Kelley School of Business who are studying abroad. Like most top MBA programs, there are a wide variety of study abroad options at Kelley, and lucky for me my fellow MBA classmates took advantage of these opportunities. My first stop was in Milan to visit my classmates who are studying at Universita Commerciale Luigi Bocconi. I had not been to Milan before, so it was great to see the architecture and enjoy all of the shopping. Oh and the food was of course amazing as well! The only bad part of this stop was that it snowed in Milan while I was there. The weather in Bloomington was in the 60's while I was gone, so the snow in Italy did not make me happy!

My next stop was Paris to visit my former roommate who is attending HEC, which is one of the best business grad schools in Paris. The trip was awesome, and a picture of my roommate and me on the Arch de Triumph is below. In my opinion the best thing about Paris is the super cheap wine and the crepes!

After a quick run though London (where we saw the show Jersey Boys, which I highly recommend) I was off to Switzerland to visit my classmates studying at St. Gallen University. There program, which last 9 weeks, was just ending so I was there just in time for all of their going away celebrations! This year five top MBA students from Kelley were studying in St. Gallen, and from what I experienced they all had a great experience in Switzerland, even though it is a very expensive country!

Meeting up with my classmates was a great way to spend my spring break, and it did make me a little sad that I did not chose to studying abroad during my MBA experience. However, it was great to see everyone, and it is exciting to know that Kelley offers to many different ways for students to grow culturally while obtaining an MBA. Look for other blog updates from my classmates who traveled the world as part of the Kelley International Perspective trips or my friends who visited Peru as part of the Globase program!

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