Wednesday, March 3, 2010

A Stimulating Business Simulation

Like many other top MBA business schools, the 2nd year MBA students at the Kelley School of Business are participating in a business simulation this week. Students across all majors are grouped together to run a business and compete with other businesses in an competitive technology industry. While Kelley students in general are known to not be as competitive as other top MBA business schools, this week the claws have come out! As an MBA consumer marketing major, I have mainly been in charge of understanding the needs of the market as well forecasting for each segment. I have to admit that I have left all of the financing decisions up to my teammates who are MBA Finance majors. While I would say that my team is doing well, we have struggled a bit to control our variable costs. However, we are learned a lot and had some fun in the meantime!!

One note: all MBA program students at Kelley are spring break for the next two weeks. I'm traveling to Europe over break to visit MBA students studying abroad. This means no updates to my MBA program blog, but check out the blog in two weeks to hear about my trip and the adventures of my fellow bloggers!


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