Friday, March 26, 2010

Trip to Ireland

I hope you have enjoyed reading about some of the amazing spring break experiences of my fellow bloggers. I wanted to take the opportunity to tell you about my travels in Ireland as part of the KIP Ireland MBA trip. My trip included a dozen Kelley School of Business Students, and a handful of partners and staff members for a total of 18 people on the trip. We spent 10 days in Ireland, starting in Dublin and heading towards Cork and Galway.

One of the highlights of our trip were the company visits that were arranged for us in Dublin. Because we are a top MBA school, companies really rolled out the red carpet for us. Group favorites was the trip to Cooley Distillery, Ireland's oldest whiskey distillery where the CEO spent two hours with us detailing their business strategy and a visit to Arnott's Department store, where we learned about merchandising in Ireland.

Our trip ended on St. Patrick's day in Galway where we saw how locals celebrated St. Patrick's Day. There was a big local parade, and all the businesses shut as locals took to the streets. It was an amazing experience that I will never forgot. If you want more details about our trip, I would encourage you to check out the group blog,

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