Monday, April 12, 2010

Another Social Media Experiment

As I mentioned in a previous MBA program blog, I am currently enrolled in a social media marketing class. The class has been extremely interesting so far, and teams of students are currently in competition to see who can get the most YouTube viewers to watch a 1 minute video on why they love the Kelley School of Business. Now I will admit that the top ranked MBAs at Kelley are not the best actors around, but in general the videos have been funny. In addition they are teaching us how to build buzz on-line and in different social groups to drive traffic to content specific information.

You may be wondering if I am going to use this blog for a shameless plug to watch my team's video (and yes I am, our video can be found here) but after the competition I will also post some links to the other videos. The videos not only give a glimpse into MBA student life at Kelley, but it also is a great example of the type of hands-on work that is done in the program. More to come in the next couple of days!

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