Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Best School for MBA Teaches Soft Skills

A few weeks ago Kelley Women's MBA Program Students put on an amazing workshop - Brand Yourself. Outside of the MBA course curriculum, Kelley always has presentations, workshops, etc that prepares you for management training and lets you see why our Business Week MBA Ranking is so high.

Brand Yourself was put on for the Business School MBA students and the law students at Maurer. Each participant sent out a survey to their friends, colleagues and former co-workers to learn about how their "personal brand" was perceived. It was MBA Product Marketing, but for ourselves! I personally came in with over 30 responses that really allowed me to see where my strengths and opportunities were.

We spent the first half of the day with Kelley's best MBA management professors and some outside speakers to deconstruct our results and give us ways for improvement. It was really helpful to have feedback tailored specifically for you instead of a room over 50 students.

After lunch we had we had a four fantastic presentations from some amazing and motivating speakers:
  • Timeless Leadership Lessons from best selling author Deborah Stevens
  • Professionalism, Poise & Personal Brand from Caroline Dowd-Higgins, the Director of Career and Professional Development at IU's Maurer School of Law
  • Navigating Your Career Course by Lynn Schenck, the Vice President of Operations at Unity Physician Group
  • Effective & Efficient Communication from Kathleen Oliver, COO of Oliver Winery and a Kelley MBA alum
It has been one of my favorite events at Kelley, and really demonstrates why it is top MBA school.


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