Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Brunch with Prof. Albright

Earlier this month, I had the good fortune of sharing brunch with Prof. Chris Albright and his wife Mary along with a small group of MBA students and I want to share with you my experience through this MBA Program Blog entry. Prof. Albright was a professor in the Core last fall and taught us all about using excel to model uncertainty and to enhance our decision-making abilities through analysis of data. Our group had bid for this opportunity during the Faculty Auction at Bluebird last fall organized as a fundraiser for the Walt Blacconiere College Fund. Read Joe’s post about the event to find out more. Scarlett Wu coordinated the logistics of getting the group together.

It was a warm sunny April morning. JP Garcia (MBA Finance Major), gave me a ride to the place along with Sid Jain (Entrepreneur MBA Program). We reached Prof. Albright’s house along with the other students. His very energetic dog Bryn greeted us with some vigorous tail wagging. She seemed very excited to see so many people and immediately decided that we must all play ball outside in the cozy backyard. Mary and Prof. Albright showed us around the house. The d├ęcor was simple yet elegant and beautiful. There were some beautiful paintings and photographs adorning the walls. The Young Chang ebony polished piano was definitely the centerpiece. Prof. Albright loves to play classical music in his free time. The large windows let the warm light into the house creating a very vibrant atmosphere inside the house.

Meanwhile, Bryn led us to a secret door and started barking and pointing to the door. We opened it only to find her set of tennis balls. We all went outside and played ball with her for some time. She is an amazing athlete. Sid particularly enjoyed throwing the ball up high and watching her catch the ball with great agility. Soon it was time to eat. We were all very hungry. There was way too much food than all of us could manage to eat. Mary had cooked the food specially for us, and it was amazingly delicious. All of us had to get a second helping. The quiche and the lemon pie were my favorites! We had some great conversations during the brunch.

Before we knew it, it was time to head back home. We had a wonderful time! Don’t miss out on the faculty auction this fall!

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