Monday, April 12, 2010

The Challenge is back, and some people are here to take my place

Well, this past weekend was Experience Weekend at the Kelley School of Business, and 200-something admitted students will soon be here to take the place of me and my friends in the class of 2010. I personally didn't get to attend Experience Weekend when I was admitted, because I had a basketball tournament to run that weekend. However, I knew this was the place for me. I knew I needed to find a program that was welcoming to a career change MBA, and offered a culture where I could meet and learn from other students. I hope the class of 2012 enjoys their time here as much as I've enjoyed mine!

In completely unrelated news, the Real World/Road Rules Challenge is back for another season on MTV. For those who don't know, this show takes alumni from the Real World or Road Rules shows on MTV, and has them competing in physical and mental challenges Survivor-style. Each week two players have to go against each other in a physical contest, and the loser gets kicked off. This is complete's a link to the MTV show page:

They do a different format each season, and this one is Fresh Meat. They have 12 veterans and 12 newcomers, labelled Fresh Meat. People are hooking up like crazy, fighting, backstabbing, crying, and doing ridiculous physicall challenges. Pretty much just like any MBA social life. Just kidding! It's a pretty big train wreck, and apparently these people do this for a living, along with paid club appearances. What a country! I'll be watching every single week.

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