Monday, April 19, 2010

Cross Functional MBA

"Cross functional" is one of those business phrases that one hears at every MBA program. Kelley MBA Finance Majors live this term in a way that turns our experience into one of the best MBA degrees out there.

How? One word: Integration. David Haeberle, the head of the Kelley Investment Banking Network, realized something important. The Kelley School of Business has an exceptionally strong undergraduate and graduate program but like many schools, they are completely separate.

Todd Richter, Kelley School Alum, pumps up a packed room of Kelley School undergraduates

Every top business school cranks out quant jocks and finance nerds, but to create MBA finance managers you have to allow MBAs a chance to lead and undergraduates a chance to work with someone of roughly the same experience level as their future team leads in the real world. With this in mind he worked with alumni and developed the Investment Banking Network case competition. The competition pairs groups of high potential undergraduates in the Investment Banking Workshop with members of the MBA Investment Banking Academy.

I was personally paired with a strong group and was immediately challenged with keeping them busy but always working towards a common goal. Being held accountable for group performance and the decisions we made in the beginning added an element of realism that would be hard to match in an MBA only case competition. Ultimately we didn't win all the bananas, and I'd close by saying something corny about how all of us came out as winners, but I'll save it. Kelley is an extremely collaborative school and we'd never think of cheating in any way, but that doesn't mean we don't mind being a runner up. Next time we plan to win.

Congrats to last years case comp winners


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