Sunday, April 18, 2010

India Night 2010

Friday was perhaps the most eventful day in my MBA student life so far. Let’s see… I had a couple of lectures in the morning, a presentation to the Board of Advisors from Consulting Academy, a mid-term exam and India Night!

I will focus on India Night in this MBA Program Blog entry. Around 300 people attended the event! I had contributed to the marketing campaign by creating posters, a brochure and helping the stage design team. I had told you about the efforts the MBA students were putting into the event in an earlier post.

The event began with a sumptuous traditional Indian dinner, followed by entertainment. The first event was music and singing. There was a skit starring Ben and Soumya around a “Meet the Parents” theme. The dances featuring the gorgeous MBA beauties, encompassed styles from various parts of India, such as Bengali, Kashmiri, Dandiya, and Classical. The fashion show featured non-Indian MBA students dressed in Indian traditional clothes and dancing to the tune of “Jai Ho”! The emcees for the night Vinay (Entrepreneur MBA Program), Gagan and Tito (Consulting MBA Program) did an excellent job coming up with some great comic material. They even distributed prizes to people who could spell some of the toughest Indian last names. Mine was considered moderately difficult, but Scarlett got it on the first try. Strangely enough, this was after Erika was told she could not answer since she was my teammate in the core… but so was Scarlett!

It was definitely a night to remember for the Masters of Business Administration Program! Great job Arpana (President of the Asian MBA Association and an MBA Finance Major), and the rest of the Asian MBA Team! And kudos to everyone (most of them are in the group picture below) who worked toward making this event a resounding success! The event proved once again why Kelley is one of the best MBA colleges in the country!

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