Thursday, April 15, 2010

IU Soccer and preparing for Minneapolis

Just as the schoolwork starts drawing to a close, my preparations for moving to Minneapolis are getting turned up! I should be hearing from Best Buy very soon regarding my assignment for my job in July. I also should be getting my relocation payments (thank god for money when you're a grad student). I've been looking at apartments in Minneapolis in preparation...I'll be going up there in May to actually sign a lease. It's pretty freaking great to be looking at nice places and not have to worry too much about cost. MBA finance students certainly have a hard time not thinking about cost, but having a nice job really feels good. I'm already figuring how how much of my signing bonus I'm going to spend on TV's...a 3D TV may be showing up at my place sometime this fall. Bad ass. It's definitely a deparature from MBA student life.

I went to the IU men's soccer match vs. IUPUI on Wednesday night. The beautiful Bloomington weather made it basically a criminal act to stay inside all day. I'm not sure how it happened, but slowly my townhouse has gone soccer mad. We're always watching matches, playing outside, or playing on Xbox. During the IU soccer match we were talking about strategies, comparing their play to other matches we'd watched, and making FIFA 2010 jokes. The fan base for international soccer among MBA program students has definitely increased in the past 6 months! :-)

Going to Chicago this weekend to see the girlfriend...Cubs game Sunday, mini golf this long as the weather cooperates. I'll take pictures!

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