Monday, April 19, 2010

Kelley Alumni Stand Up for Each Other

Todd Richter, Managing Director Bank of America Merrill Lynch "standing up" for Camilo Sandoval as he officially accepts his full time offer

Although this is an MBA Program Blog, today i'm going to focus on my experience with the Kelley alumni network. MBA Program rankings are great, but the true indication of a successful MBA experience can't just be measured in terms of GMAT and GPA.

As an MBA Finance major my dream job is to work in financial services with a large bank. The Kelley School of Business Investment Banking Network was pivotal in my employment search. Because of the network I'll be headed to Bank of America Merrill Lynch after graduation in their San Francisco office!

The remarkable thing about the network is that alumni stand behind each other. You may see "strength of alumni network" in some business graduate school ranking, but you won't see specifically how the alumni will support you. In my case, no less than 6 alumni from Bank of America Merrill Lynch directly helped me.

When I say "helped", I don't mean a 5 minute informational interview, either. Each person took time out of their crazy-busy schedules to get to know me, figure out exactly what help they could give, and most importantly, give it. Bottom line: the alumni stand up for each other.

(left: Jay Johnston, Managing Director Bank of America Merrill Lynch mentors a Kelley student)

The Army taught me that one of the most effective leadership techniques is to lead by example. Top finance professionals from banks and fortune 500 companies set an exceptional example here at Kelley by visiting our program, hosting us at their respective firms, and offering an incredible amount of support. After 2 years I truly feel I owe the school something big and am excited for the opportunity to give back.

(Right: Kurt Anstaett, Managing Director Bank of America Merrill Lynch discusses opportunities Kelley students)


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