Saturday, April 24, 2010

Kelley Little Little 500

If you have ever seen the movie Breaking Away, you know a little about IU's illustrious bicycle race. Lance Armstrong said the race was "the coolest event I ever attended", so you know its good!

Although as MBA program students we are ineligible to participate in Little 5, that doesn't mean we cannot join in on the festivities! Business School MBA Students in MBAA planned an event just for us Graduate Business Program students...Kelley's Little Little 500. There were 8 teams of 5 that competed for the title of Little Little 5 champions. Like the original race we were required to use the provided bikes, however, ours were only 12" frames! It made it an interesting event for sure! And not something you read about in the Business Week MBA rankings!

I started our team off but got hung up on the start, dropping us from 2nd to 8th. Although team "competitive advantage" (we are all under 5'5") couldn't be brought down and were able to pass our way back to 4th place. But that is what happens when you have MBA Consumer Marketing, Business Marketing and Supply Chain students riding the legs after you. We didn't beat the faculty team, but at least we didn't come in last. There is already talk of practicing for next year...they will need 2nd year representation, I may have to send out an Outlook invite now.

IU's traditions coupled with the fun (and teamwork) of Kelley, really is one of the Best Schools for an MBA!

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