Tuesday, April 20, 2010

MBA Consumer Marketing Academy Projects

All first year MBA consumer marketing students have a major project to complete in the spring semester. The projects are assigned in January based on your ranking of the problem to be solved. I was on a team working to help KitchenAid evaluate market entry into Asia and really put my MBA product marketing skills to the test!

Four months is a long time to work on a project, but Kelley specifically designs the project to be a trial of your internship project. So when all of us MBA consumer marketing students will be prepared for anything thrown our way this summer, but I wouldn't expect anything less from the best MBA university!

Our project had some major ups and downs - it is really hard to get information on consumer habits when you are halfway around the world! But we had some major cheerleaders in our Marketing MBA faculty and with our Japanese top MBA students; our faculty helped us with our frameworks and our classmates helped by sending in pictures of their kitchens at home and by translating cooking show videos for us.

Overall it was a great experience and let me showcase all the marketing skills I have gained as a career switch MBA student (and to Whirlpool execs no less!). I am really excited to be able to apply everything I have learned on this important project and apply it in my internship. And I can't wait to use my new blender that Whirlpool gave us for working on the project, just all in a day's work as a MBA Marketing Management student!

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