Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The Next Journey begins with an Apartment Lease

This past weekend I headed home to Minnesota to not only to celebrate Easter with my family, but also to find an apartment. I will be moving to Minneapolis this summer to work for a consumer packaged goods company as an associate marketing manager. While I am very excited to put my MBA consumer marketing degree to use, it is sad to think about leaving Kelley and all of my friends here in Bloomington. While I will of course miss spending my days at the Kelley School of Business, I am also going to miss MBA student life, including tailgating at football games, playing Sink the Biz at Nicks, and no class on Fridays. I have also spent the past two years working for the MBA Admissions Office, and I will miss my fellow co-workers and meeting prospective students who visit the school.

However, I know that there are tons of great events taking place at school taking place in the last month. Between the MBA Follies, the Little 500 Race and the graduation party, MBA social life is going to be busy for both 1st and 2nd year MBAs (and there will be a lot more MBA student blogs to come on all of these activities!).

In case you are curious, I did find a great apartment in Minneapolis that I am really excited about (It has a huge closet, enough said.) I feel very confident that I will leave Kelley fully prepared to succeed throughout my life, but it will be sad to see this chapter close.

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