Sunday, April 4, 2010

A Normal Day in Kelley

Before coming to the MBA program I had always wondered how a day in the life of an MBA would be like. I read all the MBA program blogs to better understand the daily schedule of these students who had come to the Best MBA College to change their lives forever.

Today, I felt like writing about my peers in the program and how they manage their time. For most of us the day starts at about 6:00 where some people head to the great recreational centers ( I enjoy the group exercises which give you a chance to work out and also meet people outside the Business School.

Classes start from 7:45 a.m. and end by 4:15 p.m. Most students have two classes in a day depending on their schedules for the semester. After classes most students head out for team meetings for the next day's assignments or group projects. Some immerse themselves in the spacious breakout rooms to study the assigned course material. Students meet up for lunch in the lounge or the various cafeterias on campus. Lunch is usually a half an affair with students running for the next event on their calendar.

Evenings are when the various clubs and student associations hold their meetings. The business school has a number of student organizations
( which offer endless opportunities to all students to get involved. Meetings usually end by 8:00 after which everyone heads back home or stays in school for more meetings. As for me, I like to head back home and get some dinner after which I like to complete some of the reading for the next day.

One thing that you do learn in the Graduate Business program is to be more disciplined and have a more structured life.


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