Saturday, April 24, 2010

Snoop A Loop/Little 500 begins

This is the busiest and craziest weekend of the year in Bloomington! Little 500 is a legendary bike race, as seen in the movie "Breaking Away". It's really a signature tradition in Bloomington, and everyone in town celebrates. The Kelley School of Business, while somewhat removed from undergraduate traditions like Little 500, still finds ways to have fun. Several of my friends went to the Flaming Lips concert Thursday night, and Friday night the one and only Snoop Dogg performed on fraternity row! It is pretty amazing seeing him's a picture from the event:

Tough to tell, but it's Snoop. It was a little weird being around people who had barely been born when he started in the business, while I was in the target demographic of 14 year old white kids when he started selling like crazy.

Little 500 is actually on Saturday...I'd like to go to the race if possible, but no matter what I'm going to get out and enjoy Bloomington's weather and electric atmosphere this weekend. Hopefully it won't be raining, although it's in the forecast. There'll be several Kelley School of Business events going on, including a tricycle race and several tailgates on Saturday. As long as the townhouse stays in good shape, it'll be a successful weekend!

Wow, ending my 2nd year with Little 500 and the Kentucky Derby is really the way to go. It's definitely a must for anyone who really wants to experience the Midwest. A lot fo MBA program students will be making the trip to the Derby as well, so I'll get to see a lot of people there. Frankly, hanging out with MBA's is a pretty good deal, since they are smart enough to stay out of trouble and I will have a lot in common with them. Social activities get tougher when you turn 30!Oh well, time to enjoy the "best college weekend" at the best MBA college in the USA!

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