Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Studying for my last midterm ever today

This 7 weeks I am taking Strategic Management of Technology and Innovation as my last class for my MBA in Business Management. I've got my Finance MBA wrapped up, and am taking Data Mining for my Decision Support Modeling minor. It's pretty great just having 2 classes, on 2 days, during the week. It's a great way to end my time here, and a nice way to relax as I prepare to get back into the real working world. The summer before I came to Kelley I decided to take 2 months off to relax, focus on business school, and explore some new interests, and I'd like to do the same this summer. The weather in Bloomington is so beautiful in the spring and summer that I really want to be able to enjoy it. I also plan on spending time with my girlfriend before she leaves for Germany this summer. I think enjoying the next few months is a great way to cap my 2 years at the best MBA college in the country!

So I've got my last midterm EVER on Thursday, unless I go nuts and get a PhD. Studying is such a big part of MBA student life that it's not any kind of inconvenience, but it'll feel great to be done. This is essay questions based on case analysis, so it allows me to get a little more creative. It's a little tough to fight the feeling of being checked out in these last 7 weeks, but the lighter courseload really helps. As I get closer to being done, my focus drifts away from what's going on here to what the next few months, and next few years, will be like. Luckily, the Kelley School of Business has me in position to succeed once I get released back into the wild!

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