Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Top MBA Business School Celebrates Cultural Diversity with India Night!

Top Business MBA Programs normally host cultural events for their students, and Kelley is no exception! Our MBA Program Students have spent the last few months planning, choreographing and marketing Salaam-Namaste: India Night 2010. You really could tell all the hard work they put into it, and being able to participate in best MBA college performance was a great experience.

The night kicked off with an Indian dinner for all the Top MBA Students down in the lounge (from local restaurant Amol, delicious!) After eating attendants could have henna applied by their classmates. Then it was time for the performance!

The rest of the night was filled with comedy, trivia, singing, dancing and a fashion show. I walked the catwalk and danced in the fashion show; it was really fun to get dressed in traditional Indian attire and dance in the Kelley atrium. All the rehearsals paid off and I didn't forget my steps! Exactly how every Friday should end in top MBA school! Can't wait for next year's show!


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