Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Top MBA School's Women in Business Night

This last Thursday, Kelley Women hosted its annual Women in Business Night. An event that allows MBA Program Students to get exposure to Kelley School of Business School MBA Program alums who have made their way through the ranks and can share with us what has made them successful leaders and how they have been able to leverage their best MBA degree.

Susan Maupin, Director of Marketing for Stonyfield Farm, was our keynote speaker. She related her management journey to backpacking, and gave us her "essential pack list" for joining the management ranks once we leave our best MBA university. She was joined on a panel by:
  • Anne Auer, Director, Marketing and Communications at Indiana University Kelley School of Business
  • Daphne Clark, Health Information Technology Practice Leader at Aledo Consulting (former Chief of Staff to the CEO and Staff Vice President of Corporate Strategy)
  • Paula Ford, Brand Director, ConAgra Foods
  • Jane Martin, Regional Managing Director, Village Ventures, Inc.
The panel discussed topics relevant to us as MBA Program Students and emerging business leaders reentering the workplace such as Breaking the Glass Ceiling, Finding Your Voice and Making it Heard, & Managing Yourself and Managing Your Manager.

The night was capped off by a Kelley Women award ceremony where the Top MBA students (first and second years) were recognized for their contributions to the organization.

Women in Business Night was a great opportunity to learn more about being a female leader in the workplace and to be able to recognize my fellow classmates for all their accomplishments this year.


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