Thursday, April 22, 2010

Wine Wednesday, NFL Draft, and Little 500...I'm back in Btown

No Chicago trip for me this weekend, so I'm enjoying Bloomington for a while. This week everyone in my house went out to Crazy Horse, a local bar/restaurant, for Wine Wednesday...half price bottles of wine. It's a popular place for MBA's, since the bar is pretty low-key. Because of my trips to Chicago, I haven't been involved in as many MBA student activities this semester, but this is a big weekend for me to catch up. Little 500 is a Bloomington tradition since 1940...IU students form teams and participate in a bike race around the track at the soccer stadium. There are concerts and parties all weekend...I'm going to Snoop Dogg on Friday night, and some of my housemates are going to a Flaming Lips concernt tonight. I figure MBA program students will stand out as some of the older people there, since it's being held at the fraternity house section of campus...but what the heck, it'll be a great time! Since I'll be at the Kentucky Derby next weekend and graduating after that, this is my last chance to really get out and experience Bloomington...I'm looking forward to it!

The other big thing I'm excited about this weekend is the NFL draft. It'll be Thursday-Saturday, with Round 1 in prime time Thursday night. Hopefully the Bengals will pick up some future stars this year...although that doesn't happen a whole lot, to be honest. The NFL does an amazing job of making the draft worth watching...I have a friend who worked for them, and they must have some top MBA students doing their marketing or something :)

Alright, hopefully I'll have some fun stories about Snoop and this weekend. Pics sure to come...

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