Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Ben: A Brief Introduction

If you are on the Kelley School of Business blog site, perusing an assortment of posts by Kelley’s finest, most eloquent wordsmiths, you are likely a diligent achiever well on your way to attain the finest of business school educations. The first blog posts you may have read probably discussed whimsical anecdotes highlighting tales of successful internship searches, fanciful misadventures on Israeli KIP trips, arduous core experiences, unicorns, butterflies, leprechauns, and other terrifying mythical creatures. But I must warn you, do not expect the typical enthusiastic, lighthearted melodrama found upon other business school blogs. These posts are not for the weak at heart. My tale begins in Bloomington, Indiana on May 10th, TWO THOUSAND TEN. This day began much like any other. The sun’s rays pierced between the low hanging leaves of a community maple tree upon a pasty 27-year-old sun basking Kelley MBA from high above the rooftops of the Georgetown condominium. The reflection off his sweat glistening belly blinds oncoming traffic resulting in a mosaic of sparks, cracks, and curdling shrieks. Captivated yet? Good, because the remainder of my posts will be increasingly tedious. To Be Continued . . .

Name: Ben Terris
GradYear: 2011
City: Los Angeles
State: California

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