Tuesday, May 18, 2010

CFA Level 2 Study / Internship Prep

I am excited to be returning to Chicago this summer! Prior to Kelley I worked at Navigant Consulting in San Francisco, London and Chicago, and this summer I will be interning at Driehaus Capital Management. I start the internship June 7, which is just 2 days after the CFA Exam (level 2). For those not familiar with the exam, it is a comprehensive finance, economics, accounting, statistics, ethics, and portfolio management curriculum that requires about 300 hours of preparation. I will be an investment analyst working directly with the founder and billionaire Richard Driehaus and one other Kelley alum, primarily researching aggressive growth equities, both U.S. and international. The photo attached is our office - a unique architectural landmark on the north side of Chicago.

Name: Michael Petersen
GradYear: 2011
City: Chicago
State: IL


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