Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Kentucky Derby 2010

This weekend, I made the trip to the Kentucky Derby with some other MBA program students and my wonderful girlfriend. Having grown up in Louisville, it's fun for me to get to share the Derby experience with first-timers. Some of the people on the trip went last year with me, but some of them had nevcer been before. I decided to make a big weekend out of it, and we actually drove to Louisville on Friday to the Kentucky Oaks. The Oaks is like a smaller version of Derby Day, and the big race is for 3 year old female horses. The weather was amazing on Friday, and we got a little extra fun out of it. The Oaks even has a signature drink, the Lily...it's a vokda and raspberry drink. It's much tastier than the mint julep, but not as iconic. It comes with a souvenir glass, too, which completely makes it worth the $9, sort of. I'm sure my MBA in corporate finance would help me figure out the NPV of buying a $9 or $10 drink, but I'm going to leave out the buzzkill for now. We were right by the first turn, so I was able to sneak over and see the horses come by a few times...looked like this:

If you've never been to the Derby, it really is a blast. The infield is packed with people and costs $40 to get in...not too bad. You can either take part in craziness or kind of do your own thing. As adults, we mostly did our own thing. The only real downside is the possibility of poor weather. Because the Kelley School of Business prepared me to be an awesome problem solver, I made the brilliant move of getting a couple canopy tents for our group. We weren't totally dry or warm, but the rain didn't bother us as much as it could have.

Well, I'm about to head in to room 2061 here in the graduate building for my last 2 classes of my MBA experience. I'll make sure to have an MBA program blog entry looking back on my time here later today or tomorrow. 2 years down, 3 hours to go!

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