Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Omaha: Somewhere in Middle America

My wife, two kids and I are packing for our internship in Omaha, NE at ConAgra Foods. Although a Texas native myself, I figure that if the college World Series has been thriving in Omaha all these years, it's a cool place to be. I was thrilled to learn that I've been assigned to work on the Marie Callender's frozen food brand. Specifically, my primary project will be to develop a five-year brand strategy. Add some work with an agency to develop an FSI and some analytical work with IRI data, and I think my team has provided me with a pretty meaningful internship. I did run right out to the local Kroger's to do some tasty "market research" and stocked up on product. This is how marketing should be.

Name: John Pawlowski
GradYear: 2011

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  1. Does it help to be a mba? I've been thinking about getting a business degree, but I'm unsure if it will help.