Wednesday, July 21, 2010

A Yankee in Beantown

New York to Indiana, to a few places in between, then back to New York and off to Boston, Massachusetts I went to begin my Internship at Comcast within the Marketing Strategy Department. To say that I earned the title of “expert traveler” is an understatement, as I wait in the not-so-shorter lines at the airport as my reward. The beginnings of my travels led me to the Kelley School of Business, where I started to hone the skills that I put to immediate use during my many interviews and during the first few weeks of my internship.

So was I really prepared? Well, the very warm welcome from the people at Comcast’s North Central Division was a great start. The challenging core curriculum during the first semester helped me figure out what different departments my fascinating project would affect. And during my first week, I put all of my strategy and Consumer Marketing Academy skills to work as I began to understand the scope of my project. Oh and it didn’t hurt that my first week ended at a networking reception at Boston Symphony Hall with a free show. I must say, that I feel quite fortunate to be at Comcast this summer because from the very beginning I have had great visibility and access to many initiatives, including sitting in on a high-level meeting, and a visit to creative their advertising agency. This has really given me firsthand experience on what I have been learning all year, and Kelley helped me contribute value on all fronts. And the people on segways in the hallway are an odd treat that make me chuckle every time I see someone zoom by.

So as I begin to wrap on Project #1 and move to Project #2, I even have the ability to influence one of my projects by working closely with my Director to talk about my skills and interests. I can’t wait to flex more of my Excel muscles, thanks to Wayne Winston! Admittedly, I was nervous before starting my internship, but after meeting the folks here and putting my Kelley MBA skills to work, it’s been great so far. I am also happy to report, that the Boston Red Sox fans have not thrown one thing at my car yet with the New York plates on it, but the summer is not over yet. Till next time…

Name: Azza Elsheikh
GradYear: 2011
City: Boston
State: Massachusetts

Monday, July 12, 2010

Nearing the Mid-Point

My first month in Supply Management at Midwest ISO has gone by in a flash. I have been kept busy on a series of projects ranging from process improvement to supplier research to building presentations for the team. As I enter the second month, my focus becomes more strategic as I sink my teeth into the larger projects that I have been assigned. I have been enjoying getting to know my co-workers better and have been able to shadow them during calls with suppliers and project meetings with internal clients. I think I am finally starting to get a handle on the whole “purchasing” thing. Despite a heavy workload, I have still been able to get away for a few summer adventures already. I spent July 4th in LA with friends watching fireworks from the beach in Santa Monica and, a few weeks ago, I met up with a group of friends for a fun weekend in Las Vegas. Of course, I have also been discovering all that Carmel and Indianapolis have to offer. On a Friday night, I met up with a classmate in Broad Ripple which is a neighborhood in Indianapolis that has a large number of bars and restaurants. And, on a Sunday afternoon, I took a 2-hr walk on the Monon Trail which is a 2-lane walking/biking/rollerblading trail which snakes north to south across Indianapolis (~15mi). Next weekend I am celebrating my best friend’s wedding in Tampa! My feelings about the remainder of the summer are definitely mixed. On the one hand, I am excited to return back to school, see all of my classmates, start on new coursework, and begin my hunt for a new job; on the other hand, I really enjoy where I am at the moment (not to mention getting a regular paycheck again!).

Name: Aaron Kraft
GradYear: 2011
City: Carmel
State: IN

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Consumer Marketing Students in China

The best MBA college students with our hosts at Lei Yun Shang Pharmaceutical Company, which makes Chinese herbal medicine.

I've been back for a few weeks now and am really busy with the second 7-weeks of classes and the CMA project, but wanted to update my MBA program blog with info about our company visits in China.

Our group was broken into two for visits: one group of MBA Finance and Supply Chain majors went to mostly manufacturing plants and some banks. The consumer marketing students went to visit consumer goods companies and learn about their marketing strategies in China.

We visited:
  • Procter & Gamble
  • Whirlpool
  • Johnson & Johnson
  • New Balance
  • Eli Lilly
  • Tesco
  • Lei Yun Shang
The visits were awesome for us as future marketers because we really got to see how global companies sell to the local consumer overseas. Everyone we visited was selling to the Chinese consumer, not using China as just a manufacturing hub. The enormous population has money now to spend and they want the best brands in the world. After we get our MBA degrees, we will have to work to take advantage of the opportunities in China.

More MBA marketing majors at P&G in Beijing

Posing for a picture with the best MBA students before we go on our New Balance shopping spree!