Monday, July 12, 2010

Nearing the Mid-Point

My first month in Supply Management at Midwest ISO has gone by in a flash. I have been kept busy on a series of projects ranging from process improvement to supplier research to building presentations for the team. As I enter the second month, my focus becomes more strategic as I sink my teeth into the larger projects that I have been assigned. I have been enjoying getting to know my co-workers better and have been able to shadow them during calls with suppliers and project meetings with internal clients. I think I am finally starting to get a handle on the whole “purchasing” thing. Despite a heavy workload, I have still been able to get away for a few summer adventures already. I spent July 4th in LA with friends watching fireworks from the beach in Santa Monica and, a few weeks ago, I met up with a group of friends for a fun weekend in Las Vegas. Of course, I have also been discovering all that Carmel and Indianapolis have to offer. On a Friday night, I met up with a classmate in Broad Ripple which is a neighborhood in Indianapolis that has a large number of bars and restaurants. And, on a Sunday afternoon, I took a 2-hr walk on the Monon Trail which is a 2-lane walking/biking/rollerblading trail which snakes north to south across Indianapolis (~15mi). Next weekend I am celebrating my best friend’s wedding in Tampa! My feelings about the remainder of the summer are definitely mixed. On the one hand, I am excited to return back to school, see all of my classmates, start on new coursework, and begin my hunt for a new job; on the other hand, I really enjoy where I am at the moment (not to mention getting a regular paycheck again!).

Name: Aaron Kraft
GradYear: 2011
City: Carmel
State: IN


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