Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Fiji project gets under way

This afternoon we left Indy at 5 p.m., we have been traveling for 17 hours and the good news is that in three more hours we’ll be landing on Nadi, Fiji. I’m so excited about this opportunity that I can’t hardly wait to be in this incredible place and start learning from this culture.

Our mission, as Greg Casagrande said last Friday in our phone call, is to talk to at least 100 women entrepreneur in different villages and learn about how a micro-loan can improve their business as well as their quality of life. We’ll be visiting Nadi, Lautoka and Suva trying to reach as many women as possible and make a positive impact in their communities. The most interesting part is that while doing this we’ll be also exposed to their culture and traditions which will make our experience even richer by opening our minds towards different realities and perspectives of life.

Being a member of the Kelley family has been one of the best experiences of my life, and opportunities like this have been a very important part of it. I remember that while we were talking with Greg Casagrande the only thing I could think about is how unique this opportunity is and what an amazing adventure it will be. I am sure this is going to be a life changing experience.

Our first stop after landing in Nandi will be Fiji University….stay tuned for more.

Guest post provided by Rocio Ortiz, Kelley MBA 2011

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