Thursday, August 19, 2010

The Final Week at Midwest ISO

It is crazy to think that the summer is almost over and I am a week away from heading back to school. I am sad to be leaving Carmel, my summer home, and all my co-workers at Midwest ISO who have been patient teachers and great friends. As part of the end of my internship, I had the privilege of presenting my summer work to a room full of my fellow interns, my Supply Management colleagues, and members of the executive team who made time in their busy schedules to attend. Working for an energy company is certainly not without privileges as well. I shamelessly included photos of tall white wind turbines against a beautiful backdrop of rolling hills, generating clean energy for the heartland. In my presentation, I discussed my daily responsibilities, a selection of projects I worked on, my key takeaways, the skills I picked up along the way, and some of my favorite memories from the summer.

Those memories include attending a company-wide event at an Indianapolis Indians ball game, participating in the annual Midwest ISO Office Olympics (and contributing to my department’s first place trophy), and playing in an intern-mentor softball game. Reflecting back on the summer as a whole, I definitely feel Kelley prepared me for success. And, I also owe a great deal to the structure of the Midwest ISO internship program. Projects were designed around my MBA skill-set while maintaining enough flexibility so that I could really add my own personal touch to deliverables. The internship has piqued my interest in Supply Management as a potential career path and I have definitely come away with the tools and know-how to succeed in the field. From projects involving strategic sourcing, supplier risk assessment, and supplier diversity to work involving contract analysis, RFP writing, and much more, I have gained a broad yet detailed experience in the area of supply management which will be invaluable throughout my entire career.

Name: Aaron Kraft
GradYear: 2011
City: Carmel
State: IN

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