Thursday, August 19, 2010

A typical week during the Summer Internship at Deloitte Consulting

It feels great to contribute to the MBA Program Blog once again. I have had an exciting summer internship experience at Deloitte Consulting and I would like to share what a typical week was like.

I began my internship based out of the Chicago office on June 1. It was a 10-week internship and the first week was devoted to training that gave us a good overview of Deloitte overall and the Technology practice in particular. Several interns from some of the top Masters of Business Administration Programs were there as well. I was immediately staffed on a project and I was really excited.

For the next nine weeks of my internship, I got to experience first-hand, the life as a consultant. Rather than a Day in Life of MBA intern, let me describe a typical week instead:

On early Monday morning, you fly out of your base location to the client site. After reaching your destination airport, you typically share a rental with some of your teammates. Once you reach the client office, start with calls with any teams distributed globally to get the latest updates. An important task is to prioritize everything that you have on your plate to ensure all the top tasks are completed by the deadline. Some of the tasks I worked on included creating the test plan for two new applications we were building, and leading the design for a reporting solution. On Monday night, you check into the hotel. Team dinners are common and are a great way to get to know your teammates on a more personal level. Tuesdays and Wednesdays are the most intense workdays. I also got the opportunity to interact with the client. Check out of your hotel on Thursday morning, finish off any pending work for the week, especially if there is anything that requires face-to-face meetings with the client and you fly back home Thursday night. Fridays were usually filled with some interesting events for the interns and some client service work as necessary. Saturdays and Sundays were time to relax, recharge and explore the awesome city of Chicago in the summer!

I will need separate posts to give you more details of the various aspects of the internship. Look out for more posts soon. And don't hesitate to choose Indiana University for MBA Program - I know it makes a difference!


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