Friday, September 24, 2010

1/4 way through the core

It's hard to believe that the first four weeks of classes are already in the books. Mid-terms are coming up in a couple of weeks and the time will just keep on flying. Pretty soon, the internship interviewing season will be here. It's a challenge to not just focus on my studies right now. There is definitely a balancing act to perform between doing homework and researching companies and networking trying to land the perfect internship to qualify for the perfect position right out of MBA school.

The best part of this first month has been the professors. While going through the MBA admissions process, I was impressed with the classroom experience ranking and professors at the Kelley School of Business. My personal experience has been fantastic. Each professor is driven to make sure that I understand the concepts. They are patient with those who don't have as much experience as others and who may be hearing about their subject for the very first time. I know that any time I'm struggling with the material, they will always be available to teach me one-on-one in their office. I can't imagine trying to suceed in a nationally ranked MBA program without this level of support from the professors.


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