Thursday, September 23, 2010

Art Exhibition at Kelley

Kelley is a Nationally Ranked MBA school that is known for its collaborative culture. The focus at Kelley is not just about creating Top Ranked MBAs. The school actively encourages students to explore their true passions and creates well-rounded leaders who are positioned to succeed when they graduate from school and enter the workplace.

I am passionate about art, and I try to incorporate that passion into everything I do. "Arts at Kelley" is a student group that facilitates exchange of information about art events on campus and in Bloomington. Currently the group led by Jean Luo and Amber Dimkoff, is organizing a weeklong art exhibition featuring works of art by several talented Kelley MBA students. A couple of pictures are featured below. The first one shows the paintings by several Kelley MBA students displayed in the atrium and the second one includes two of my own paintings that were part of the exhibit.

A tip for prospective students applying for MBA Admission to Kelley: Ensure that apart from your story around how an MBA in Corporate Finance or an MBA in Entrepreneurship might help you achieve your dream goals, you also include stories about your passions and how you could make a difference at Kelley.

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