Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Back on Campus and Busy with the Second Year!

Well, I'm back on campus and deep in the middle of juggling all the responsibilities of the second year of an MBA student. I'm juggling my job search, classes, my graduate assistantship, other extracurricular activities, and the MBA social life.

I'll get to all that's going on now in my next post, but now I wanted to give you a recap of my awesome consumer marketing MBA internship at Taco Bell.

Hello, May I take your order?

No, I didn't spend all 12 weeks working the drive-thru. I did work one day in the store and got this awesome picture of me using the skills I gained at a nationally ranked MBA program to good use.

At Taco Bell this summer, I was working on a future-looking project that we're testing. So I have to be a bit hush-hush on the specifics, but it was a great experience getting a look at the future of the brand. Like many other marketing MBA internships, I had a strategic project, a creative project, and a leadership project. I worked on projects that had a wide ranging 20,000-foot high view of the brand, and then also worked on projects that affected the company at the restaurant level.

One of the biggest development opportunities I got from my internship was great experience testing out some of the methods and practices I learned in my MBA course curriculum. This is so valuable and shows the importance of an MBA for non-business majors.

Yum! Brands is just one of a huge list of companies that offer great internship experiences to Kelley MBA students. I'm so happy I had a great internship and am looking forward to using my Taco Bell experience at school and in all my future jobs!


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