Saturday, September 25, 2010

Corporate Finance Academy

We had our first Corporate Finance Academy (CFA) meeting yesterday. We heard from our Graduate Career Services representative and learned how to better craft CAR statements for use in resumes and interviews. This was followed with a little breakout session where we worked on crafting our own CAR statements in groups of two and then some students were able to present their CAR's to the rest of the academy. It takes practice and effort to create effective CAR statements and the experience yesterday will benefit me down the road.

In other news, the CFA will be taking a trip to either Minneapolis or New York City next month. I'll be part of the trip to Minneapolis to visit Target, Best Buy, General Mills, and Ecolab. Those going to New York City will be visiting General Motors (Treasury Division), Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson, and Toys R' Us. I look forward to being on campus at these companies to see first-hand the opportunities available for those with an MBA in Corporate Finance.

While on these trips, we'll have an evening to network with Kelley School of Business alum. This is what makes the Kelley MBA one of the best MBA programs in the USA. The alumni base is very strong and always willing to help.

Since I'm a career switcher MBA, these academy sessions will help me gain relevant experience in corporate finance and better prepare me for internship interviewing season.

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