Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Generational Leadership In Action

One of the things I looked for in a program was the opportunity to get involved and develop my soft skills, in addition to the technical skills learned through MBA course curriculum. This year, I am incredibly excited to be a part of the inaugural year of the Peer Coach Leadership Team or PCLT for short. Traditionally, Kelley has offered a second year peer coaching program that the first years can voluntarily be a part of and the primary goal was to aid the first years in their development. Under the new PCLT program, it takes the same concept of helping the first years navigate their career search through generational leadership, but also adds a component of professional development for the second years as well. The new program kicked off a few weeks ago with an incredible all day session led by Rick Gregory from P&G's Gym, where we went through several creative exercises to land at our team's vision and individual action plans for the upcoming year.

Since then, each team of Academy peer coaches have been working to develop individualized action plans to assist their first years in their development. The Consumer Marketing Academy, as well as several other of the Academies, kicked off their programs on Friday by announcing the Program at the first Academy day. Later, we had a chance to get to know the first years a little bit better at through a mini-networking exercise and got meet individuals that came to Kelley for their MBA in product marketing, MBAs with non business majors as their background, as well as several other unique stories that make up the great first year class. Today we officially will be reaching out to the first years with their coaching matches, and we are excited to build this program into the other programs at Kelley focused on providing individualized attention that you cannot find at other top ranked business graduate schools.


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