Friday, September 17, 2010

Headed home! Diversity Weekend and Women's Weekend

The past three weeks have been a whirlwind of sorts, but I’m finally preparing to return to the US. It’s hard to believe my time in Asia has come to an end, but having been to seven cities in eight countries I’m ready to be home for a few days to get caught up on some things and prepare for some of our on-campus events, including Kelley In Focus Diversity Weekend and Kelley Women’s Weekend. These two programs are a highlight of the year and provide potential candidates an opportunity to experience the Kelley MBA Program firsthand.

Kelley In Focus takes place Friday, October 8 through Sunday, October 10. There will be a number of optional activities on Friday, including a tour of the Godfrey Executive Education Center, lunch with current students, and an opportunity to complete an admissions interview. The weekend will officially kickoff with a welcome reception that evening. Saturday will be filled with sessions to learn more about the Kelley MBA Program as well as the value of the Consortium for Graduate Studies in Management (The Consortium). The Kelley School is a founding member of the Consortium, an organization that includes 17 top MBA programs in the US. The mission of the Consortium is to promote underrepresented minorities (namely African American, Hispanic American, and Native American) in business. All students that demonstrate a commitment to this mission are welcome to apply directly through the Consortium. Applicants utilizing the Consortium application are able to apply to up to six member schools as well as be considered for Consortium membership and a full-tuition fellowship to one of the member schools. Membership in the Consortium offers several benefits such as a special Orientation Program (the OP) for all members, early networking opportunities with corporate recruiters, access to an alumni network across all member schools, and more. The Consortium provides amazing support and opportunities for its members. I encourage you to look into this option as well as register to attend Kelley In Focus to learn more about the benefits of the organization and more specifically the Kelley MBA Program.

Similarly, Kelley Women’s Weekend will take place Friday, October 15 through Sunday, October 17. All women interested in pursuing an MBA should register to attend in order to learn more about the Kelley MBA Program, life in Bloomington, and being successful as a woman in business. Kelley is also a member school of the Forte Foundation, which seeks to promote the role of women in business. In addition to Kelley Women’s Weekend, you can also attend a Forte Forum to learn more about the specific benefits of this organization. Several programs are offered throughout the US and I would encourage you to take advantage of the resources offered by Forte including fellowship opportunities, networking, and professional development.

As you can see, there are several resources available to assist throughout the MBA search and application process as well as your career. The Kelley MBA team participates in a number of events throughout the US with these groups and they are a great way to learn more about the organizations as well as the member schools. I encourage you to research these organizations and attend an event in your area to learn more about the resources they provide.

And now, here are a few more photos from a rice barge tour I took in Bangkok earlier this week. See you again soon!

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