Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Hello World!

Welcome to the Kelley MBA Admissions blog. This forum will serve as a resource for you throughout the business school application process and offer several pieces of advice from the perspective of the admissions committee as well as insight into the Kelley MBA Program. My name is Brad Rosenwinkel and I will serve as your host. I have been a part of the Kelley MBA admissions team since August 2008 and am excited to share my experience and perspectives with you. I hope to provide insight as well as share some personal stories from the world of admissions professionals. So let’s get going!

The subject of this first post is quite fitting—referencing a typical message utilized when learning a new computer programming language as well as the timing of the admissions and recruiting cycle. The school year has begun and it’s time for my colleagues and I to “hit the road” to begin building relationships and meeting a new class of MBA candidates. This is one of my favorite times in admissions, both traveling and meeting new people to serve as a business school resource. I know that my colleagues feel the same and look forward to meeting you as we travel the globe in the coming months. Be sure check our list of upcoming events and meet us in a city near you! (This is a great way to learn more about the program, as well as allow us to meet you and provide additional support in the MBA application process.)

An update from the Admissions Committee: the Kelley MBA application for Fall 2011 will be available online shortly but you may want to learn more about the admissions process and deadlines. There will be little change in our application for this year and the essay topics will remain the same. All aspects of the application will be submitted online, including transcripts and letters of recommendation. International applicants will also note that we will now accept the IELTS in addition to TOEFL. For students considering application via the Consortium for Graduate Study in Management, the Consortium application is now available online! (More to come in regard to the Consortium in a later post.)

I suppose I should keep this short and save some content to include in later posts. Check back for weekly updates! I look forward to sharing more!

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