Friday, September 24, 2010

I Can See Alumni.....Everywhere!

As your search continues for the perfect nationally ranked MBA program (luckily it can stop here), many programs will profess their great connections to their alumni. After nearly two months on campus, I can tell you that everything the MBA admission office promised me is coming true, and more so....

There are alumni from top companies recruiting here on campus every, single, week.

Of any organization, company - even long term friends, I've never seen such commitment from alumni to stay connected and work to forward the next generation of top ranked MBAs. It seems that at least two nights every week our beautiful atrium is packed with proud individuals bearing an "I-U" on their shirt, talking about their experience here at Kelley and looking for new recruits at their business or in there industry. I truly feel like they're really looking out for me, and the rest of my classmates.

Are alumni relations something that's going to make or break your decision? There's something about Kelley that keeps these brilliant and motivated people connected 1,2, or 30 years out - and helping us get the dream jobs we want.

Stop searching, and come here. Welcome.

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