Sunday, September 26, 2010

My First Day in the Consumer Marketing Academy

Here at the Kelley School of Business, part of the MBA course curriculum is that all students are members of an Academy, an innovative program unique to Kelley. Academies are career interest groups in which students are placed based on their future career goals. Academy directors are professors who are experts in the academy's designated field of study. Instead of classes on Fridays, we meet with our academies to work on projects, learn industry lingo, participate in mock interviews, meet with companies, and network with our peers! Kelley has various academies that cover a wide range of career interests; these include: the Business Marketing Academy, Consulting Academy, Consumer Marketing Academy, Corporate Finance Academy, Entrepreneurial Management Academy, Investment Banking Academy, Investment Management Academy, Supply Chain & Global Management Academy, and Academy Plus Life Sciences.

Because of my marketing career interests, I am a member of the Consumer Marketing Academy (CMA). The CMA is co-directed by Dr. Jonlee Andrews and Ray Luther, who both bring unique perspectives and great consumer product marketing expertise to the program. The unmatched experiences we gain in the Consumer Marketing Academy is part of the reason why we believe Kelley offers the best consumer marketing MBA!

This past Friday we had our first Consumer Marketing Academy session, and I can already tell it's going to be a great semester during which I'm going to learn a wealth of new marketing knowledge. We started the session by getting an introduction to the CMA and some marketing terminology. Following that, we had a speed networking session with other CMA members to get to know each other a little better. I learned that I have some extremely interesting classmates, including one who formerly ran her own handbag design company, and another who previously worked at a start-up that grew from 30 to 200 employees during her 4 years there!

After getting to know our first year classmates a little better, we were introduced to our second year peer coaches. These peer coaches will help us throughout our first year internship search. They will teach us how to perfect the art of networking, give us interview tips and advice, and offer to answer our career-related questions.

I am excited to see what the rest of the Consumer Marketing Academy Fridays will bring! With such a great academy led by amazing directors like Jonlee and Ray, it's no wonder Kelley is known as a top MBA Product Marketing program!


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