Tuesday, September 28, 2010

There's More Than One Power Tie in Business School

Learn how you will practice, and never again say, "when will I ever use this?"

There was a day, long ago in your illustrious career, where you careened from classroom to classroom learning US government, Asian History, Literature, and calculus. These were all fantastic classes; but, did they ever align? How often did you look at Charles Dickens and calculate the economic benefit of getting paid by the word, and how his sales did in Italy?

Welcome to the best MBA program in the USA: the integrated core of the MBA course curriculum.

Today I experienced something I've never experienced before in my education: two separate classes, two separate professors, attacking the same business problem with different tools. The "integrated core curriculum" functions just like you will as a manager in your future - looking at problems or opportunities in your firm from every point of view, not just as a finance brain or a marketing brain. You'll have the ability to see the whole picture, and use tools from the entire palette to paint the most lasting masterpiece. It's why we're continuously one of the top ranked MBAs.

For three hours we looked at Amazon.com vs. Barnes and Noble, as our two esteemed professors, Kyle Cattani and Matt Semadeni tag-teamed the issue from an operations and a strategy angle. The guided us along, and as we learned new skills and insights from one professor, we were immediately able to apply them to problems proposed by another. It was brilliant - it's something incredible to be a part of.

So what's my take away for you? You've started your search, you're here on this blog now, because you want to be better in business. Want to tackle huge issues with a limitless tool-belt of skills and intelligence? Stop searching - apply to Kelley.


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