Thursday, September 23, 2010

Why I chose the Kelley School of Business for Supply Chain & Operations

Kelley is known among top ranked MBAs as a top entrepreneurship MBA, social entrepreneurship MBA, and life sciences MBA, but why choose Kelley for Supply Chain?

Supply Chain & Global Management Academy (SCGMA)

The SCGMA at Kelley provides you with a unique opportunity to augment your education and work experience across three dedicated Academy weeks. In Academy Week 1, you learn about different career paths in Supply Chain & Operations from industry experts and focus on developing competencies in global business. In weeks 2 and 3, you work on two live “real-world” consulting projects for multi-national companies. For example, in Academy Week 3 we analyzed sustainability across industries in the state of Indiana and made data-driven recommendations on areas for growth and investment. In the SCGMA, you are also paired in a 1:1 mentoring relationship with a seasoned executive that can serve as a strategic resource for you. Anytime I have a question for my mentor, he always gets back to me right away and is more than happy to talk it over with me. Simply put, the Supply Chain & Global Management Academy gives you an important edge over other MBAs by increasing the breadth of your Supply Chain experience.

2) Supply Chain & Operations Major and World-Class Faculty

Kelley gives you the opportunity to specialize in Supply Chain and to gain expertise in pertinent subject areas. The MBA course curriculum includes classes such as Project Management, Sustainability, Revenue Management, Strategic Sourcing, Business Process Design, Data Mining, and Spreadsheet Modeling. However, the faculty is really what differentiates Kelley from other nationally ranked MBA programs. The quality of teaching at Kelley is, in my opinion, unrivaled. Professors are dynamic and challenge you to think and grow. In addition, our professors write all of the textbooks we use which are many of the same ones used in other top MBA programs. They are all regarded as experts in their fields. For example, Wayne Winston is my professor for spreadsheet modeling. He writes the Microsoft Excel book that you find in bookstores and works directly with Microsoft to improve each new version of Excel.

3) Systems & Operations Management Association (SOMA)

SOMA is a student-run professional club that supports Supply Chain & Operations majors. SOMA supports students by filling in the gaps with additional programming. We arrange company visits (to FedEx, Amazon, and Toyota to name a few) to create networking opportunities and to learn more about how these companies operate. We also organize a student-led Trek the first week of January to network and to increase interest in recruiting at Kelley. Last year, our trip to Chicago included visits to the company headquarters of Sears, Walgreens, and Grainger. We bring in speakers from different companies on topics such as Procurement, Project Management, and Six Sigma. We also sponsor students in case and simulation competitions, hold social events, and organize mock interviews. Each semester we survey students to find out what types of activities would provide the most value and schedule events accordingly.

4) Graduate Career Services (GCS), Dedicated Supply Chain Career Coaching, and Peer Mentoring

As an MBA student at Kelley, expect to receive a lot of personalized attention to support your career search. Kelley has a dedicated career coach for Supply Chain & Operations who has significant industry experience. This career coach is available to help you craft your story, your resume, and help you prepare for interviews. As a first-year, you also select a 2nd year student to serve as your peer mentor. Your peer mentor gives you further advice, answers questions about recruiting and courses, and helps you prepare to interview and land your ideal internship. Finally, GCS brings in top companies that hire Supply Chain MBAs for summer internships and full-time positions.

5) The State of Indiana

You may not know this but Indiana is known as “The Crossroads of America.” What does that mean? Running through Indianapolis are major highways including I-70 (going East-West) and I-65 (going North-South). This makes Indiana the perfect location for companies to locate their distribution centers. For example, FedEx’s 2nd largest hub in the US is in Indianapolis. Many major companies have operations in the state and Indiana has a strong manufacturing heritage. We are home to manufacturing plants for Toyota, Honda, Subaru, and a multitude of other types of companies. I could go on all day. Suffice it to say, the Kelley School of Business is perfectly located in the center of a huge amount of Supply Chain activity that students can take full advantage of from an educational and career perspective.

Those are some of the major reasons I chose Kelley for Supply Chain among other top ranked business graduate schools. Interested in an MBA in Corporate Finance, or an MBA in Entrepreneurship, or an MBA in Marketing? Or, still have unanswered questions about Kelley? Look at some of the other blogs or feel free to contact a current student.

Stay tuned for a future post on MBA Social Life. I hope this one helped clarify why Kelley is among the best Masters of Business Administration Programs available for Supply Chain.


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