Friday, October 1, 2010

Admissions Visit Program Kick Off

I am a member of the Student Admissions Council at the Kelley School of Business MBA Program; in fact, I'm one of four Co-Chairs. In this capacity we are charged with organizing opportunities for visiting prospective students the opportunity to meet with current students, sit in on one of our top-ranked classroom experiences, and attend an information session with other students and a staff member of the admissions office, among other things.

I remember my own visit to Bloomington for my MBA Admissions interview with Kelley as a great experience. I met a number of great folks who turned out to be 'my 2nd years' and witnessed part of the MBA Course Curriculum through a great marketing class led by Professor Jonlee Andrews.

As a member and co-chair, I now get to help pay that experience forward and we work to ensure a positive visit for all our prospective students. If you're a prospective student, I highly recommend that you visit as many MBA programs as you can to get to know the students, the culture, and more. It's a great way to gauge 'fit' with a program. And I definitely recommend that you visit Bloomington...Good Luck!

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