Monday, October 25, 2010

Collaborative Project for Sustainability

Kelley School of Business has consistently ranked as a top Entrepreneurship MBA Program. If you are interested in a Social Entrepreneurship MBA, you might be delighted to know that Kelley offers a Certificate in Social Entrepreneurship, a cooperative program with the School of Public and Environmental affairs.

Add collaborative art to the mix, and you can really see how creative top ranked MBAs can be! As I walked into the Atrium a couple of weeks ago, I was mesmerized by these car-hoods turned into giant "canvases" inviting students, faculty and staff to contribute their ideas on sustainability. This collaborative art project facilitated by Bloomington artist Joe LaMantia seeked to bring out the thoughts and ideas from people's minds onto the white "boards" with markers.

I had the opportunity to speak with the artist and I was thrilled with his vision to promote sustainability through community art. I contributed some art of my own and I was impressed with the comments and ideas shared by my peers.

There is an increased focus at Kelley as well as Indiana University to promote Sustainability and Social Entrepreneurship. It is initiatives like these that differentiate us from several other top ranked Business Graduate Schools. This initiative epitomizes the collaborative culture at Kelley that enables us to work together to increase awareness and to solve problems. Read our blog entries to find out more about our focus on social entrepreneurship. You can also find out more about the artist, Joe LaMantia by visiting his website. And you are encouraged to leave your own ideas about sustainability in the comments section.


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