Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Consumer Marketing Academy: Lunch with the Weinermobile!

As I mentioned in one of my prior blogs, the Kelley School of Business students' involvement in an Academy is part of the MBA course curriculum. Coming from a background in management consulting, my involvement in the Consumer Marketing Academy is proving to me how the Kelley School of Business really lives up to its reputation as a great place for career switch MBAs. In three Fridays of meeting with the Consumer Marketing Academy, I am already leaps and bounds ahead of where I started in terms or marketing lingo, trends and practices.

Last Friday, we had Tom Lopez, a Director of Marketing at Kraft's Oscar Mayer, and two colleagues (and Kelley School of Business alumni!) come and speak to us about "redefining your marketing gut". During the interactive and informative session, we were given insight into how to keep our marketing ideas fresh and avoid doing things "as we've always done it" as we start our careers. We were also shown several advertisements from various companies and then engaged in lively debates over whether or not each advertisement was effective. After a morning filled with interactive learning, we were taken outside to enjoy some lunch (complete with Oscar Mayer food!). When we went outside to eat lunch, the one and only Oscar Mayer Weinermobile was outside waiting for us! While enjoying our lunch, several of us were able to get a ride in the Weinermobile. The pre-boarding requirement was to sing an Oscar Mayer jingle.

All in all, it was a very enjoyable and educational Consumer Marketing Academy Friday! The Oscar Mayer team seemed to have an equally enjoyable experience. The Oscar Mayer team frequently visits and recruits at the Kelley School of Business due to its past successes with Kelley's strong MBA consumer marketing students!

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