Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Dinner with the CMO of Equinox

Here at the Kelley School of Business, we are blessed with some great visitors, speakers, and supporters of the program. One such recent visitor was Cie Nicholson, the EVP and CMO of Equinox and past CMO of PepsiCo. She was in Bloomington speaking to groups of alumni and students; I was one of a lucky few to have dinner with her.

It was great to hear about how she's taken learning from her experience at Kelley, a nationally ranked MBA program, to build a successful marketing and general management career over time. She's done it all from the Associate Brand Manager level, up to the highest ranks of marketing at PepsiCo and Equinox; with a side job of entrepreneur ( and serves on a few boards of directors.

I think the best piece of advice she left us with is to not attempt to plan too far out - things will definitely change by the time you get there, so being adaptable to those changes will help you, personally and professionally, get to where you want to go.


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