Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Fine dining and fun this fall!

The past two weeks have been great food and entertainment weeks. While in the midst of finals, you would think I would be tucked away studying and focusing on my MBA course curriculum, but instead have been able to squeeze in some of Bloomington's finest food and fun in my MBA social life.

Last Wednesday, I met up with a group of friends at Lennies, a faculty favorite in Bloomington. Located near the Kelley School, Lennies is known for serving local beer from the Bloomington Brewery Co., yummy specials, and the almost certain faculty-spotting. While we did not run into any faculty this time, we did see several classmates also taking a break. We split the Blue Apple pizza, topped with apples, bacon, walnuts, white onion, gorgonzola and a pesto sauce and took a break to catch up outside of class. I then headed to IU's student production of RENT with 10 other classmates where we took in the incredible vocal stylings of the Jacobs School of Music's extremely talented students.

Thursday, I joined a group of six other students to have dinner at Finch's, another Bloomington and Kelley faculty favorite, to hear from Cie Nicholson, former CMO of Pepsi and current Executive Vice President and CMO of Equinox. It is incredible to have access to marketing professionals of Cie's caliber as a student and to be able to ask questions about navigating career decisions. Cie was in town to be the Key Note for our Women's Weekend, and I am thrilled I got to spend some time with her during her stay in Bloomington. Finch's sources large amounts of its food from local farms, and as a result, the menu changes regularly to reflect what is seasonally available. They just changed the menu, so I had a difficult time deciding what to order, but ended up having incredible chicken cannelloni and it was delicious.

Enjoying Finch's as much as we do, I met my Wednesday night dinner club at Finch's again last night before heading to the IU Auditorium to see the National Broadway Tour of Legally Blonde. I changed it up and ordered the vegetarian lasagna, the special of the day, and even enjoyed some lemon butter gelato for dessert. We strolled leisurely to the show following dinner and enjoyed two and a half hours of show-tunes and fabulous pink costumes. It was my first time seeing the show and it was a nice light-hearted distraction from all of my studying.

I am continually amazed at the incredible food and entertainment options available in Bloomington and think that the city of Bloomington has helped make my Kelley Experience special. Whether you are an MBA in entrepreneurship, an MBA in corporate finance, or an MBA in management, Bloomington offers a little something for everyone.

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