Thursday, October 21, 2010

First Interview of the Season!

The interview season is off to a great start. As I mentioned in a past post, full-time recruiting at top ranked business graduate schools takes place during the fall. I had my first interview this morning for a consulting position.

What differentiates consulting from other job interviews is that there is a case-based portion in addition to the behavioral portion. While I am not a regular participant in the Kelley Consulting Club and their Case Cracker practice sessions, I felt that I had learned enough in the MBA course curriculum to touch on all the major issues and solve the case. This should hopefully be reassuring for those without extensive work experience or who have never done one of these interviews before. It also shows why Kelley is a Nationally Ranked MBA program. I am told that the later rounds in the process get more challenging which should be a lot of fun should I have the opportunity to interview again.

With several more interviews in the pipeline, I am hoping that I can convert these into additional interviews and offers. I am excited by all the possibilities!

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