Saturday, October 2, 2010

Full-Time Recruiting at Kelley

For the majority of MBA Programs, recruiting for full-time positions takes place in the fall with recruiting for internships taking place in the spring. Kelley schedules a series of networking events where students have an opportunity to learn more about companies from recruiters and company reps. Networking events are typically separated by functional area, so there might be an event for the MBA in Corporate Finance, for the MBA in Entrepreneurship, Life Science MBA, etc. As part of the MBA course curriculum, you learn how to deliver a great elevator speech about yourself, and I find it is helpful to prepare a few questions beforehand that you can ask.

I begin interviewing for positions next week and companies will interview through the beginning of December. Full-time positions will continue to be posted for students; however, the majority of formal full-time recruiting will have ended. So, should on-campus interviews be unsuccessful, my plan is to then begin a more thorough off-campus search looking for "just-in-time" hiring opportunities where companies are hiring for right now versus several months from now. Being at a nationally ranked MBA program, we attract a lot of great companies and have some phenomenal students here. Luckily the environment around interviewing does not become overly-competitive. We want everyone to succeed!

I am going to be prepping for interviews using strategies taught by graduate career services. I am going to use a mix of info gathered from informational interviews along with company research to ensure I understand the business model, the role I am interviewing for, changes at the company, and that I can talk intelligently about myself. Wish me luck!

Did anyone say house party or MBA social life? Friday night, one of our wonderful exchange students hosted a small party which was a lot of fun and a great opportunity to relax after a challenging week. We are about half-way through our first 7-weeks so students experience mid-terms or projects due around this time-frame.


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