Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Guest Speakers bring Channels Management to Life

Currently, I am taking Jonlee Andrews' M537 Channels Management Course and it has been a favorite throughout my MBA course curriculum. This class takes everything we have been learning about working on the manufacturing side of marketing and flips it on its head to give us a new perspective from the retailer's point of view. Additionally, the course includes guest lectures from retail and manufacturers to take the concepts we are learning and bring them to life through real-time, real-world examples.

Over the course of the past two weeks, we have heard from James Beck, General Manager of the Walmart Smart Network; David Ciancio, Senior Vice President of Dunnhumby; and Chris Wilkins, Vice President of Private Label at ConAgra Foods. These individuals have had incredible experiences and are considered the experts in their different fields and were able to take the information we have learned from cases and lecture and give us real-time examples. James highlighted changing the strategy for the next generation of retail, including reviewing some of Walmart's changes in the past few years, what worked well vs. what did not, and how they plan to change in the future. Mr. Ciancio spoke on retailer and manufacturer partnerships and Chris shared information on private labels vs. national brands and how to manage both within the same company. These speakers volunteer their time to enhance our learning experience because they want to develop the future marketing leaders at what I consider to be, the best MBA program in the USA among top ranked business graduate schools.

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