Friday, October 22, 2010

I'm Going to Peru

Yesterday was my birthday, and I got the best gift I could imagine: I'm going to Peru!

One of the reasons I keep repeating that this is the best MBA Program in the USA is that it's so global - the planet is your office, not just Scranton, PA. That being said, one of the international electives they offer is GLOBASE.

In our second semester, students have the opportunity to take a seven-week course on one of three business climates: India, Ghana or Peru. During the course, they are paired up with a company in that region and do consulting work for them. Then for the two weeks of Spring Break, the classes travel to the countries they've been studying, administer the consulting work, and then spend a week traveling. The trips are affordable, and you end up making a REAL LIFE CONTRIBUTION to a business, and therefore a community, outside of your home country. The application is real, the trial is real - it's real life work with real people, and a chance to see a unique and beautiful part of the world.

We went through a strict application and interview process with the second-year leadership team and the head of faculty, Professor Phil Powell, and then each got a personal phone call a week later welcoming us in. I couldn't be more excited - when applying to grad school, I never expected I'd be traveling to Peru to do consulting work for a company in my first year. I've already downloaded my "learn Spanish" podcasts, and am getting ready to enroll in the GLOBASE course in the MBA course curriculum next week. Here are some videos and more information on GLOBASE Peru!

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